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  • Orem the Magnificent

    A great commander during the [[Lost Age]], Orem the Magnificent conquered and unified the largest Empire of known history. Outlawing magic and anything with the [[taint of magic]] he pushed non-humans out of the borders of the land.

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    [[:eir | Eir]] [[:old-man-of-the-forest | Old Man of the Forest]]

  • Kettle

    Little is known about Kettle. None can say that they have ever met him. He is known only through the historical documents that can be found around [[Tenebrae]]. Rumours abound about him and his background. Some say he was hired by the Empire to …

  • Orem III

    Son of Sorrin V, he was the last Emperor of the [[Oremian Empire]]. Orem III showed much promise in bringing the Empire back to its original glory. Unfortunately, he spent more time training in the arts of war, drinking, and gaming than he did in the …