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Dwarven History

Dwarven history is not kept in periods as in elvish or human histories. Instead, their history is focused on specific events and when they happened. Although record-keeping is very strict (as required by the Guild of History Keepers), there is some dispute as to the exact dates of certain events (especially since most events happened over a period of time longer than the exact point shown in the histories). However, the guide below gives time periods that are generally acceptable by all dwarves and come close to the actual dates of events in Dwarven history.

Although there are fairytales and myths about dark times and horrible underground demons, most of this are dismissed as such and real Dwarven History starts at the beginning of the Mithril Age (comparable to a human Golden Age).

Present Year-15,172nd year since the Mithril Age; 213 O.R.

Historical Event1 Dwarven Year Year O.R. Comments
- 15,172 213 Current Year
- 15, 171 212 Death of Orem III
- 15,050 91 Hill Dwarves of Atria begin leaving the mountains and forming villages with humans
- 14,959 -1 Orem the Magnificent drives the remaining hill dwarves into the mountains
The Darkness 11,766 - Bands of evil races, driven underground by humans, begin giant wars with the Dwarven Kingdoms2
The Rejoining 9,999 - Dwarves from seperate regions come into contact with each other again
The Divide 7,224 - Strongholds from different regions lose contact with one another3
The Splitting 1,499 - Mountain Dwarves & Hill Dwarves become separate sub-races4
The Mithril Age 0-999 -  

1 These are events in Dwarven history and are called by the same titles by all dwarf races. While events having to do with other races (such as the coming of Orem the Magnificent) have effected the dwarves immensely, they are not necessarily deemed important enough to have a title in dwarven history.

2 It was also during this time that the dwarven nations from different regions begin to grow apart again due to increased human activity on the surface, and underground raids by other races. This loss of contact became absolute when the Oremian Empire was founded. However it is known that dwarves in the Obsidian Mountains, among others, were close to being completely wiped out by the evil races when the Oremian Empire cut off all other dwarven communication.

3 Even though Dwarven runes remain readable by all dwarves, The Dwarven Language became split during this time. The dialect from each region becoming strong enough, and different enough from the original Dwarven, that each regions Dwarvish became a seperate language. This was until The Rejoining, and a common Dwarven language began to be spoken again.

4 This is a horrible point of discord among Hill & Mountain Dwarves, especially among the History Keeper clans. Whereas the Mountains Dwarves proclaim that the hill dwarves descended from them due to overexposure to the surface, Hill Dwarves hold that the Mountain dwarves descended from them by delving too deep into the grounds and completely losing touch with necessities of the surface.

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dtime periods

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