Elven knowledge

The elves, being longer lived and more fond of study and history, have a far deeper knowledge of Tenebrae than the humans do.


The elves still believe that they, along with the Oremian Kingdoms, are still living in the Lost Age. They believe the Oremian Empire to be nothing but another changing empire in the Lost Ages of Man. However, even they have two dating systems.

The High Elves say that this is the year 8,762 Regere. This starts from the time when humans began to enter Tenebrae, and the elves and other demi-humans slowly began their retreat back into their homelands.

The Grey Elves, with their even stronger love of the past, would say that it is 26,793 Elebriel, starting at the time when elves won over the dark lords of the past and began a time of peace & prosperity on Tenebrae.

The following table will show some important dates.
table{width:600px;border:1px solid black;font-family:geneva}.
{background:#000080;color:white}. |{width:100px;text-align:center}. Elebriel|{width:100px;text-align:center}. Regere|{width:100px;text-align:center}. O.R.|{width:3000px}. event|
|=. 0|=. -|=. -|Elves drive out the dark lords|
|=. 18,031|=. 0|=. -|Mankind comes to Tenebrae. Non-humans retreat to homelands|
|=. 21,052|=. 3,021|=. -|beginning of the Lost Age of Men|
|=. 26,580|=. 8,549|=. 0|Orem the Magnificent conquers Tenebrae and begins Oremian Empire|
|=. 26,792|=. 8,761|=. 212|Orem III dies without heir. Oremian Kingdoms emerge.|

A note on the Oremian Empire. When Orem the Magnificent conquered the land, he drove the elves out completely. Even though most of the elves still lived in their homelands, many traveled freely through Tenebrae, rarely involving themselves in human affairs. His decree of magic taint and the Nimen religion sorely hurt the elves and has caused a subtle but strong anger to slowly burn.

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Elven knowledge

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