Most festivals have some kind of religious background. There are two main kind of festival across the Kingdom; those that are moon festivals, celebrated at the times of the full moons, and those that are not.

Although most of the festivals have a religious background they are permitted by the Empire. However, due to the Empire’s strict enforcement of Nimen, the more religious aspects and rituals are banned. Due to this, many of the people have forgotten the origins of these festivals over the last 200 years. That being said, there are still some who remember, and practice the rites in secret.

Here are some of the festivals.

Moon Festivals Other Festivals
New Sun Festival -
Festival of the Pure Ones -
Festival of Kyo -
Festival of Aevyrea -
Festival of Ysei Festival of Gratitude
Festival of Thesei -
Festival of Colors -
Bonfire Festival -
Festival of Uber -
Festival of Atski -
Festival of the Slaughter Festival of Mercy
Festival of the Hearth -


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