Orem III

Son of Sorrin V, he was the last Emperor of the Oremian Empire.

Orem III showed much promise in bringing the Empire back to its original glory. Unfortunately, he spent more time training in the arts of war, drinking, and gaming than he did in the courting of women. He always ignored the advice of the Emperor-mother that he should marry and have children.

In 212 O.R., He took a vast army through the Forsaken Gate trying to extend the borders of his Empire. Some say the harsh winters weakened his army, some say constant raidings by the Genhostians shortened his supplies, and others say the use of the foul magics of the people of the Beyond made his army useless. Whatever the reason, he died in battle while in the Outer Regions, leaving no heir to the Empire.

The Emperor-mother went into shock upon hearing the news. The only time she has spoken since was in the great debates, and her health is rapidly declining.

Orem III

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