Nimen-the Oremian religion

The Pantheon of the old Religions

Thesei-Goddess of life Atski-Goddess of the moon Fulgar-God of Storms
Suuc-God of War Hanseath-Dwarven God of Brewers Kyo-God of the mists
Uber-God of fertility Aevyrea-Goddess of love Ysei-Queen of the Fae
Barbos-God of Nomads & Travelers the Parcyes-7 Gods and Goddesses of Fate Elsu -God of the Forest
Bau-Goddess of the Dead & the Undead Falkornn-Dwarven God of the Forge Nisset- Goddess of the Sea
Onesti-Goddess of the earth    

Other Religious Groups

Cult of the Dark Moon Children of the Gods    


Tales of the Oremian Empire Joettle