Tales of the Oremian Empire

The Guide
28th day of the Moon of Plenty, 213 O.R.

At lunch we divvied up the jewels. They are excellent specimens. Ta think they were just goin’ to waste sittin’ up there in those nests. The others gave me the biggest to guard until we could sell it and split the returns.

Tryin’ to make the best time we could, we set out to find this dream tree of Mel’s. We walked ‘til the elves started talking about some whistling. I didn’t hear it ‘til we got closer. We followed it until we reached a glen with a great, golden leaved ash tree and a fire pit. In his dream, Mel had to burn some branches in front of the tree to send a message, or get a messenger, can’t remember. Soon as that elf threw those twigs on the fire, all hell broke loose. A column of wind and noise shot straight up and we couldn’t hear ourselves think. I about took that damn elf’s head off. ‘Course he didn’t seem to know what was goin’ on either.

Then, suddenly as it started, the whole thing stops and all we hear is wolves howlin’ in the distance. Mangy mutts. We all started to shake off the shock of the signal sent out and make camp. Melysthras knelt by the fire in some kinda trance. Receiving instructions from his god. Don’t know how he does that. He told us to be ready for a guide at dawn. We were all a little testy about this new fella stirring up this mess and claiming to recieve visions. He talked about gettin’ help from Barbos. Seemed sincere enough. Guess we’d see.

When Mel woke us, first thing I did was ask where the guide was. No sooner had the words left my mouth when I saw it. A huge stag covered in green flame, the fire calmly and slowly rolling off of it’s skin, up its large antlers, and in and out his nostrils as he breathed. He seemed in no pain and was quietly grazing on some grass under the trees. Once I packed my gear I sat and watched the beast. It seemed like hours passed, until the sun finally rose and the stag started walking.

The animal led us through the woods fairly well, though at times I could barely keep up with the beast! We covered a lot of ground and then around noon, the wolves came and scared it off. The flame disappeared from it’s body and it bolted, the wolves following ’til we could no longer hear them. We looked at each other not sure what to do next. Then we looked down. That damned deer led us right to the end of a well kept path. I tell you, Mel earned my trust that day.

From the Memoirs of Kathoran Lightningforge

A Trap Well Sprung
27th day of the Moon of Plenty, 213 O.R.

Last night was a difficult one. Although the bloodhawks are definitely a threat, they are only trying to live their lives. It grieved me to put the surviving hawk down. It was mercy though for it would have only starved. We spent the night just inside the forest, some choosing to dine on hawk or deer. I had not the stomach for it and went out to hunt and be alone. There’s something about the concentration of the hunt and the sounds of the forest that are soothing.

Today we went in search of the hawk’s nests. The others seemed interest in the jewels the birds line their nests with. We trekked through the woods checking along the way for signs of the birds. I would climb a tree and look for nests and Nalec used his skill of locating animals. It took a few tries, but we finally located them. Luckily we found them without alerting them to our presence.

At Nalec’s suggestion we worked on a plan to minimize injury. Nalec can use a prayer to his god to cause the forest vegetation to ensnare passing creatures. Kathoran and Eir bravely stood as bait behind the trap while the rest of us hid ourselves for a surprise attack.

As soon as the bloodhawks saw Kathoran and Eir, they dove in to attack. Nalec has amazing power. His trap worked as the leaves and branches of the surrounding trees creaked and groaned, ensnaring the birds as the dove for our friends. All of the birds, but one were trapped. It was quickly taken out by a bolt of magic from Nalec, though it did not die. From my perch in a tree I felled two of the hawks with shots from my bow. My brother would not approve. But the birds are a danger to the party and must be taken care of. At least that’s what I tell myself.

With the death of their comrades, the remaining two birds knew fear and anguish. I could hear it in their cries. They only wanted escape. I called out to the party to hold, which thankfully they did, though there was much grumbling from the dwarf, and Melysthras and I made for the nests. I’ve always thought of myself as a good climber, but Melysthras put me to shame, flying up the trees at at least twice my speed. We gathered what gems we could before the hawks could break free. As Melysthras climbed down the last tree, the spell faded and the hawks began flying. I covered Melysthras as he finished climbing down. The birds retreated as I knew they would the party gathered again.

Kath suggested we head south again, but Eir reminded us of Melysthras’ dream. Deciding it was our best lead so far we headed north before the hawks regained their courage. I talked to Melysthras as we walked and found that his god Barbos was familiar to me, though he is known to the Sylvan elves as Taistyla’i the Traveller.

We traveled a good distance and broke for lunch. Melysthras and I laid out the jewels and he was able to separate them by value. We took our share and left a few gems to sell and split later. This monetary system seems so silly, but Melysthras insists that while traveling, we’ll need to have coin. Something to include in my report. After lunch we’ll set off for the edge of the forest. Perhaps we’ll find this tree from the dream. I must say I’m curious.

Scout’s Report
Sala’yn, Galwyn


I also had the chance to experience a drink called ‘mead’. I would not suggest it.

A new member

26th day of the Moon of Plenty, 213 O.R.

Moon: Waning Crescent

After searching the goblin camp, and the goblins, we found some coins and some strange, tiny pyramids of gold Kathoran says is used as money by the dwarves. It looks awful tiny to be worth much to me, but I guess we’ll see. We also found a map of the Northern part of Belterr, it looks very old. That would have been useful earlier.

It is now the 26th day of the Moon of Plenty. It’s been three days since we left the goblin camp, and still no sign of this old man who lives in the forest. They say this is not a big forest, but I am ready to leave. How anyone can live out here without the sea nearby is beyond me.

Just before sunset we made it out of the Northeastern edge (I think) of Lipsyl. In the distance we saw a dancing elf. Only he wasn’t dancing, he was being attacked by hawks that apparently have a taste for humans and elves, maybe even dwarves… The elf was nearly killed by the hawks, but we came in and scared or killed them off. Unfortunately, I was only able to hit one, and then didn’t even kill it. Perhaps Fruga is angry with me for leaving my lands and people. I suppose only time will tell.

The elf says he too has heard of the Old Man of the Forest, and it appears that he is searching for the Old Man, though he has not told us why. He mentioned asking about the hawks, but he was far too interested in resuming the search for him just for that. And so it seems we have another elf in our party for now. Not that I mind… The company is far better than most of these non-Genhostian humans, it’s just with me and all of these “magical races” we’ll be liable to be attacked on sight by the Oremians.

. Thoughts of Eir

Lipsyl Forest: lost...

We took the trail that lead from the abandoned guard tower into the forest. And despite the skills of the ranger, Galwyn and myself, we lost the trail and found ourselves lost deep within the forest.

Noticing a firelight one evening, we came upon a goblin camp. Seeing only two goblins at the fire, we approached cautiously. Kathoran and I approached through a large opening in the trees, while Galwyn and Nalec went around the other side. As we charged in, Kathoran and I fell into the pit trap set before the clearing. Several more goblins descended on the party to ambush Galwin and Nalec outside the camp. After a nasty battle, we came out victorious, although some a little worse for wear as the goblins were using poisoned darts. We even managed to leave one filthy creature alive for questioning.

Kathoran began his interrogation, demanding information. The goblin was not forth coming, but began to whine grotesquely as Kathoran placed the edge of his dagger to the creature’s throat. I’ll never understand why the idiot Galwyn decided to stab and kill the thing with his dagger before gleaning any information. Evidently, Kathoran felt the same way, as all he could do was sputter and stare in shock before stalking away muttering what I can only assume were Dwarven curses as he collected his things.

These people from the Empire have such a strange culture. Perhaps I made a poor choice in joining these adventurers after all.

. Thoughts from Eir.

Lipsyl Forest: Day 1
Journey to the tower.

We enter the forest and walked the trail for 3 days. Little occurred, though Eir and Galwyn competed over the killing of a badger. Galwyn was successful in spearing the pest with a well placed arrow, much to Eir’s chagrin. In the end, she agreed to skin the badger for half the profits on it’s pelt.

Upon the 3rd day, we found the abandoned guard tower. There was little to be found in the tower. Eir and Galwyn found barrels of wine. Eir strapped hers on to her mule and Galwyn left his in the tower to retrieve later. Nalec was able to find a salvageable shield among the scattering of old weapons littering the top floor of the tower.

Having found what we could, we set off in search of the Old Man of the Forest.

From the Memoirs of Kathoran Lightningforge

Into Forest Edge

Moon of Plenty, 213 O.R.

Kathoran Lightningforge, Galwyn, and Nalec meet during the Feast of Uber in the town of Tartaora, positioned along The Great Eastern Road. Being among the few demi-humans in town, they were naturally drawn to each other. During they’re time spent at the festival Kathoran explains that he is looking for signs and listening for rumors of the orc who killed his father. Galwyn and Nalec decide to join him in his quest and see where this road will take them.

The three adventurers are staying at the Diving Crow Inn. No one in the inn’s barroom had heard of orcs. So, referred by the inn’s bartender, the characters went to the Red Boar Inn, known around town for its shadier customers.

At the Red Boar Inn, the characters heard stories of goblins in the forest as well as an old man living there, called Old Man of the Forest by those villagers who still knew of him. They talked to a retired guard who remembered a guard tower that used to be used at the edge of the forest. He said there was a trail beginning at the guard house that led into the forest and should take them to the old man. They also met up with Eir where Kathoran made some money off a good game of Tessarae.

And so, Nalec, Galwyn, and Kathoran set off the next day into Lipsyl and before reaching the forest found that Eir was following them, at which point she was allowed to join the party.


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