The dwarves and all their sub-races remain relatively unchanged from their descriptions in the AD&D2e PHB and Complete Guide to Dwarves. This page will describe how they fit into Tenebrae.

Please Note: Dwarves of Tenebrae (except for gully dwarves), having a high constitution and strong endurance have a movement rate of 8 when traveling long distance.

Hill Dwarves-The Hill Dwarves were effected greatly by Orem the Magnificent and his reign (though not as much as the Gully & Sundered Dwarves). They were driven from their land in his conquest of Tenebrae. Any having deep enough tunnels under the hills escaped their, but the rest were driven in to live with their Mountain brethren. As many of the Hill Dwarves were merchants exchanging goods between the surface world and the Mountain Dwarves, many lost their way of life. Shortly after the death of Orem the Magnificent, however, the Hill Dwarves began slowly coming out of the mountains and their tunnels and returning to life as normal, at least in some of the provinces outside of the central area of Orem. Especially, in the near 200 years since Orem the Magnificent’s death, the Hill Dwarves of Atria have recovered quickly and returned to a near normal way of life. Despite this, many of the Hill Dwarves still hold a heavy grudge against the Oremian Empire and its kingdoms, especially the older dwarves. The younger generation, seeing less of what happened, tend to have a slightly more optimistic view of the kingdom.

Mountain Dwarves-The mountain dwarves staying mostly in their underground cities were only affected by the Oremian Empire by a loss of trade, all connections to the surface being cut off. Although somewhat resentful for this, the mountain dwarves really have no problem living on their own without contact with other races.

Deep Dwarves & Duergar-Living deep underground the Deep Dwarves and Duergar have lived their lives mostly unaffected by the Oremian Empire. These two races were used by Orem the Magnificent to show how the taint of magic affects the non-human races and turns them to darkness and wickedness. Although rarely seen anyway, these two sub-races are extremely loathed by the Oremian people and are attacked on site by guards and soldiers of the Oremian Kingdoms. While the Galashiel people are more open to non-human races, and will not resort to violence against these dwarves without cause, they are still looked upon with suspicion and doubt.

Sundered & Gully Dwarves- Used by Orem the Magnificent as “proof” that non-humans were an unclean race, most (if not all) Sundered and Gully Dwarves were driven from the Empire. Although some of the Sundered Dwarves put up a fight (and were killed), the rest were easily chased off. The gully dwarves were easily driven out of the land in their cowardice.


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