There are four known sub-races of elves in Tenebrae: Gray Elves, High Elves, Sylvan Elves, and Aquatic Elves.

All of the elves of Tenebrae are a very secretive lot. They guard their ancient knowledge dearly and the locations of their cities to the death. . Especially now, after Orem the Magnificent’s drive to push demi-humans out of Tenebrae, even trusted non-elf friends of an elf rarely hear of, let alone see, her elven home.

All of the subraces of elves follow the same basic patterns as those in the AD&D2e PHB and Complete Guide to Elves. Except for that Tenebraean elves are taller than their other-world brethren. Although there is wide variation in each elf, generally Gray Elves are the tallest, with Aquatic and High Elves next, just taller than humans. Sylvan Elves are the shortest, the average height being just under that of humans. One can use the following chart to randomly decide height of an elf.

Race Base Modifier Outcome
Aquatic Elf 68/65 1d10 5’9"-6’6"/5’6"-6’3"
Half-Elf 66/65 2d6 5’8"-6’6"/5’7"-6’3"
High Elf 68/65 1d10 5’9"-6’6"/5’6"-6’3"
Gray Elf 69/66 1d10 5’10"-6’7"/5’7"-6’4"
Sylvan Elf 63/61 1d10 5’4"-6’1"/5’2"-5’9"

Short summary of Elven sub-races:

Aquatic Elves-Very little is known about the Aquatic elves of Tenebrae as they stick to their underwater dwellings and have little or nothing to do with things on the land. Although at times they have dealings with the other sub-races of elves, it is rare an elf who has spoken to an aquatic elf. It is even rarer a non-elf who has spoken to one.

Half-Elves-Half-elves of Tenebrae have even more problems than most other half-elves. They are not accepted by their elven brethren, and thanks to the Oremian Empire are not accepted by human society, either. Having no place to go, most tend to become loners, trusting none but themselves, and many are full of anger and spite. Not surprisingly, most half-elves are found in Galashiel.

High Elves-As in most other worlds, high elves are the most common elves of Tenebrae, although due to the Oremian Empire, are still a rare sight. The most common place to see a high elf is in the relatively accepting kingdom of Galashiel.

Gray Elves-Very rarely seen outside their home, these are the most reclusive and proud (dare I say haughty) of the land elves. Their love of history and knowledge far exceed that of their brethren. It is rumoured that there is a gray elf haven in Galashiel, though none know where.

Sylvan Elves-Although the sylvan elves can read and write, and love history as much as any other elf, most of their history and legends are not recorded, but passed down through stories, and songs. Their writing is mainly used for correspondence. They, like the gray elves, are rarely seen outside their homeland. It is known to most that a large sylvan elf community lives inside Kurasyl and none dare enter it. Even the Genhostians know not to ride their long boats down the rivers near Kurasyl.

The Rite of Coltor

Other sub-races-Although there is no proof, and none have seen any for century upon century, it is rumoured that other sub-races of elves exist somewhere in Tenebrae.

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