Magic Systems

In order to simplify spell memorization and cut down on bookkeeping, we will be using the following spell point system for all magic users. If there are any problems or we find that the original way is better, we can switch back.

Spell Points- Each spell has a point value that is equal to its level (a 1st level spell is 1 point, a 7th level spell is worth 7 points, and so on). To find how many spell points a character has simply add the point values of all the spells that he can memorize for one day according to the appropriate chart in the PHB (or other sources). For example, an 8th level wizard can memorize four 1st level spells (4points);three 2nd level spells (6points);three 3rd level spells (9points);and two 4th level spells (8points), giving him/her a total of 27 spell points. Priests gain bonus spell points for high wisdom in the same way(exe. A priest with a wisdom of 15 gets 4 bonus spell points—two 1st level spells plus one 2nd level spell).

Memorizing Spells- Using this system a character does not have to memorize spells. However, spell points lost by casting a spell do not replenish themselves automatically. The magic user must get a good nights rest, then study his/her spellbook or pray—points are gained at 1pt/10minutes while studying or praying.

Casting Spells- Since this system requires no spell memorization, magic users are free to cast any spell in their arsenal (spheres for priests, spellbooks for wizards), assuming they have the correct spell components. If a character chooses to cast a 3rd level spell, then 3 points are taken off his/her spell point total until they can be refreshed as explained above.

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Magic Systems

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