time periods

Present Year 26,793 Elebriel 8,762 Regere 213 O.R.
Time Period Year Elebrielapprox. Languages Comments
Late Lost Age1 24000 – present modern languages -
Early 21052 – 24000 Western Tenebraean, Central Tenebraean, Northeast Tenebraean -
Pre 18031-21052 Risia area, Atria area, Western Tenebrae area, Coastal Kaeder area -
Late Regere 24000 – present modern languages This includes the Lost Age time period for non-humans
Middle 21000 – 24000 Elvish2, Dwarvish2, Orc, Goblin, Middle Human Common
Early 18000-21000 -
Late Elebriel3 12000 – 18031 High Elvish4, Sylvan Elvish4, Elebrien Elvish4, Elebrien Dwarvish, Elebrien Orc, Elebrien Goblin, Ancient Human Common Dwarven Golden Age
Middle 6000 – 12000 Elven Golden Age
Early 0 – 6000
Pre before 0 Baathom6, Tanhom7, Vesylter8, Venefyx9 see footnote5

Note: Not all languages are available to all races. If reasonable, all races have access to any modern language. These are just general guidelines. If a character’s background allows for contact and training from a race, or character, that knows a restricted language, then normally restricted languages may be available (e.g., a human mage studying under a gray elf could have access to Pre-Elebrien languages). Use the following guidelines as ancient language restrictions during character creation:

-Grey elves have access to all languages.
-High elves have access to all languages except Pre-Elebrien languages
-Mountain Dwarves have access to all non-elven languages as late as the Late Elebrien Period and any elven languages after middle-Regere
-All other races have access only to languages after Middle Regere

1 The Lost Age period pertains only to human study, and human languages.

2 Elvish and Dwarvish during the Regere period are seperate by region. Thus if one wanted to know Regerean Dwarvish, (s)he would have to choose Nannusede Mt. Regerean Dwarvish, for example.

3 Although the Gray elves still use the Elebriel year to classify current events, this is the actual Elebrien time period.

4 High Elvish and Sylvan Elvish existed only during the Late Elebriel period. Elebrien Elvish was spoken before by all sub-races of elves.

5 The pre-Elebrien time periods is one of the most interesting, yet most elusive, periods of study. Due to the destructive nature of the Dark Lords, not much writing is left and most of the tales are twisted and full of legend.

6 Although still rare, Baathom is one of the more common languages found on artifacts. No one knows its purpose or origin.

7 A very rare language. Only a few artifacts have been found with Tanhom written on them. Not recommended for initial study.

8 Vesylter is the ancient Sylvan tongue. Not much is known about it, but some think it was a common language between elves, dwarves, and other races at the time.

9 Not found very often, but many believe this is an ancient language used by wizards during this time.

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time periods

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